Our PRocess

Relentlessly pursuing value for you from concept through completion.

The Palmisano PROCESS

We relentlessly drive value by seamlessly aligning resources and determining the best way to build your project. We take a hands-on, proactive approach to not just managing, but truly leading the process with creative solutions. The animation and information below depict Palmisano’s Process from concept to completion.

The Relentless Pursuit


Palmisano is a reliable partner who delivers the confidence that comes from a true shared interest in a better way to build your project.

  1. Palmisano approaches each and every project with a partnership mentality, putting individual objectives aside, and does not rest until shared goals are met. Our Precon Leaders operate as the main point of contact to develop and prepare your concept for construction through a multi-disciplined, collaborative approach. We develop and manage drawings, budgets, schedules and execution strategies simultaneously to increase your speed to construction. We understand that the smallest details affect the big picture and strategically manage both.
  2. We engage with our in-house expertise in Construction, as well as Architecture, Engineering, Civil, and Self-Perform teams to create efficiencies and drive value. Palmisano’s preconstruction services consist of target value design, continuous estimating, constructability reviews, LEAN methodology, value analysis, and schedule alternatives. We firmly believe that 90% of project success happens before you break ground.

Build Better

Project Execution


Palmisano delivers on-time, on-budget, high-quality results and eliminates uncertainty, delays, cost overruns, and compromises.

  1. None of us are above rolling up our sleeves to get things done. Pride in our work shows in even the smallest details. Because we do whatever it takes, we maintain our reputation every day. We care deeply about relationships on every project and won’t rest until you are satisfied.
  2. Palmisano utilizes state-of-the-art technology solutions for document management, safety, quality control, inspections, and communication. We foster a Lean culture through communication, sequencing, and preplanning to eliminate waste and create predictability. Our approach to quality is Zero Defects, striving to obtain the highest quality workmanship and coordination throughout the entire construction process with the goal of eliminating rework activities, punch-list items, and warranty call-backs. Our operational process consists of efficient communication, open book cost control, true accountability, collaboration with all stakeholders, safety always, zero defects, last planner system, and the latest technology.




Palmisano does whatever it takes to get the job done and consistently completes projects on time. We never rest, are never satisfied, and always do the common things uncommonly well.

  1. Palmisano goes the extra mile to overcome any obstacles that may interfere with a timely closeout. We create a Project Specific Exit Plan that engages all partners to successfully close out the project. We understand that an efficient closeout process leaves a lasting impression.